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Single Game:Stage 1: a 5 letter word 100 pointsStage 2: a 6 letter word 150 pointsStage 3: a 7 letter word 250 points
Each stage you have 5 guesses and 90 seconds. Throughout the game you have 2 wildcards (Open a letter and +30 seconds).
At the end of the game if you can collect 250 points you can play FINAL game. In FINAL game you will guess 6 letter words in 3 minutes. Each word is 500 points.
Multiplayer Game:
The player who takes the first turn makes 5 guesses in the first and second game. If cannot quess the word in 5 quesses everybody can make 1 quess on their turn. With the 7. quess the game finishes.
In 3. game everybody can make only 1 quess on turns.
Colors:Green: The letter is in the right place.Yellow: The letter is in the word, but it is not the right place.